A Guide Through Rushmore Online Casino

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Rushmore online casino is one of the most trusted online casinos there are. They Offer a stylish and impressive web pages and the most advanced technology in addition to the spectacular graphics with individual pages for the games of roulette, slots and blackjack powered by one of the most known software providers in the virtual gaming industry, the RTG software, ensuring a secure and safe online gaming.

What’s more is that Rushmore online casino accepts American players. Given that, joining, however, require you to be aware that online gambling is allowed in the State you belong. You, as the player, should consider this since the online casinos aren’t responsible for any issue concerning this. Once you didn’t educate yourself about this, you might not be allowed to cash out your winnings. Moreover, Rushmore operates in the PST or Pacific Standard Time which means bonuses are offered on a weekly basis and will be valid until midnight, while weekend bonuses are valid between Friday at 12PM at noon and 24:00 Sunday midnight.

To get started with Rushmore online casino, you need to create an account and fill all the needed information along with your desired username and a strong password. Username and password are two vital details you need to keep safe since they serve as an entry to every significant detail hackers might get out from you when you fail to secure it, so better think hard about it and never miss to remember those altered character cases in case you employ them for security. Moreover, be sure that the details you supply during account creation matched your proof of identification such as any legal and valid IDs you have, so when things went wrong, you have your solid proof. Another thing you need to be sure about is your age. You should be of legal age, 21, to be able to join and don’t think of faking it, because, as stated earlier, you need to present valid IDs when needed.

Creating another account on the same desktop is nowhere possible with Rushmore online casino. You may not be blocked by the software and successful with this attempt, however when you cash out your winnings, every data will be reviewed by the casino management. And once they’ve proven that you’re under two accounts, you won’t be able to cash out any amount and accordingly be totally blocked by the casino.


After you submitted all the details needed, check your email inbox or spam folder for the validation link. You need to click on the link provided to validate your email as well as your registration.

Rushmore online casino offers 400 dollars deposit bonus for every new player who’ve successful validated his registration and made his first deposit. Whats more exciting here is that you can also receive another 488 dollars bonus on your second deposit. Just inquire about this to the customer support as well as details on how you can redeem these bonuses. A validated registration will proceed to choosing between the download base and the no download flash based software. Rushmore’s software covers over 80 different games, from slots 3 reel, to a 5 reel video slot, blackjack, roulette and other game variations for video poker with exciting bonuses in-store.

Click the download button to initial the software download, select run and save onto your desktop. On the flip side, with flash-based version of the software, you are required to login to your account with your username and password and click on the “Instant Play” button from the homepage to start playing.

You might be asking right now of the difference between the two software versions Rushmore online casino provides. Well, there is quite a difference between them. Every graphics and multimedia for each game are installed together with the software with the download-based version. This means that you can quickly load the game of your choice in a much stabilized manner as each part doesn’t need a parse from the server which might be halted especially when their is an internet connection problem leading to an irritating play. Moreover, with the flash version, you are only allowed to play games supported by flash innovation. Keno and European roulette, for instance, are only available in the download version. However, the flash version is highly recommended for those who use Mac OS.

With Rushmore online casino, you can push your deposits through MasterCard, Visa, Click2play, Money bookers, ECO-card and UseMyWallet, while withdrawing your winnings can be made through Money Bookers, UseMyWallet, Wire Transfers, Click2play and UseMyWallet. Take note, however, that each method have different transaction frames. One method might be advantageous compared to others. For instance, using wire transfer may take a little longer and requires more human intervention compared to using credit cards.

In the event that you can’t withdraw for a reason that states you don’t have enough funds, it’s either you have not satisfied or completed the wagering requirements or the games you have played are already excluded in the bonus promo. In order to prevent this scenario, check the information and conditions there are first before playing. Wagering requirements are the requirements a player need to meet in order to cash out his bonus. Once you meet the wagering requirements Rushmore online casino sets, a withdrawable balance will appear and that’s the only time you can cash out.

In addition, before you withdraw any amount from your account with Rushmore online casino, you need to complete the authorization form required only once, or in the event that you would want to use another banking account. You will be asked to present valid identification cards such as drivers license and a copy of every credit cards you used to fund your casino account.

Another feature Rushmore online casino boast is that you can also try playing on the fun money where you are allowed to play for free, but win for real. Then, there are the comp points which is provided in a 10:1 ratio. Meaning, $10 wager earns 1 comp point. This is redeemable through the cashier. What’s more exciting is that slot games are in the random jackpot – the prize that builds up until someone win. To avail this, you need to join the progressive game and play. Once you won or someone hit the progressive jackpot, the buildup will start again.

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