Ailments Affecting The Health Of Golden Retriever Dogs

By Damian Cross

Dogs in general suffer common ailments that affect their health individually. Although not all dogs necessarily fall victim to these diseases, some do. Some breeds, however, are more prone to a few diseases in particular. It is important to keep in main that many of these afflictions tend to appear as if directed towards breeds of dog in particular, when in fact, the reason they seem to corner a unique group of dogs is because of the hereditary traits by which these illnesses are transmitted. These are a few examples affecting the Golden Retriever breed.


Environmental factors and viral infections may provoke epilepsy in your dog, also known as seizures. Although this affliction isn’t always a problem that pet owners can’t handle, dogs affected by epilepsy should not be involved in reproductive activity. When a dog has been diagnosed with epilepsy, your veterinarian may recommend a number of substances that may control the seizures, even if they aren’t always effective. These seizures don’t necessarily affect the general health of the dog, but as we mentioned before, breeding would be out of the question.

Skin Allergies

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One of the most common health issues with the Golden Retriever breed are skin allergies. Allergies become present in the dog’s skin as a result of allergens, such as pollen, mold, flea bites and airborne dust. Symptoms may differ from one case to the other; they include biting, scratching, licking and infection of the inner ear. Your dog’s diet is the best weapon in the fight against skin disease. Pet owners are advised to consult their veterinarian for information and ways in which they can prevent this illness from ever appearing.


This condition refers to a malfunction of the thyroid gland. Common symptoms shown by dogs with this disease include obesity and coat issues. This condition can also be related to lack of fertility also. The inability to reproduce can become a big issue for breeders, since hypothyroidism can heavily hinder the process.

A treatment exist which involves taking a pill a day for this ailment in particular. There is no reason to believe that a dog affected with hypothyroidism cannot come out of treatment successfully and continue living a happy and healthy life. The presence of this condition is rather common place among the Golden Retriever breed, and can easily be diagnosed by your veterinarian.

Some dogs will present seizures when suffering from hypothyroidism, but these will fade once the animal has entered treatment. Although epilepsy is in no way associated with this disease, pet owners should observe their dog closely. You don’t want to take any chances, this is why you should consult your veterinarian on a regular basis.

Preventive medicine will always be better than healing medical conditions. Keeping your dog in good health through a healthy diet, regular exercise and a routine visit to the veterinarian will ensure that he is a step ahead any medical condition that may affect him. In general, Golden Retrievers are healthy dogs with whom you will spend a lot more time playing dog games than worrying about their health.

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