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By William B. Piker

Have you ever looked at a display of books or DVDs and been inexplicably drawn to one with an appealing cover? In no small way the concept of image and packaging applies in job and job employment interviews. Image in business and in prospective job employment interviews means everything if not most everything.

It is most vital that you appreciate and acknowledge and buy into the fact that by the time you have walked into the interview room it is almost over. By the time you have walked across the room the interviewer will have decided, for the most part, whether or not you will be hired or accepted for the position at hand. Your image and appearance help determine the first impression you may and counts for as much as 45 % of the employer’s positive or negative hiring decisions.

It is a well known fact that presentation and the ‘outer packaging’ help the sale. In this case the package is ‘you’. Cosmetic firms are well aware of the package; they may spend 6 times as much on packaging as for the actual product sold. In thee same manner you should emphasize your presentation and packaging. Products that are packaged attractively far outsell those that are not.

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First of all ‘dress conservatively’. Whether they admit or not, most interviewers expect applicants to wear businesslike clothes when they apply for office and professional positions. For men and women, a conservative suit of quality fabric is generally appropriate. For women a conservative tailored dress or coordinated suit and blouse with a matching jacket are also appropriate. In some cases women who wear slacks to an interview even reduce their chances of being hired.

Whenever possible, visit your target employer before the interview to observe the actual working atmosphere, working conditions and dress code of the firm or organization that you are interested in working or being employed by. However a word of note and of caution: even if the employer permits casual dress on the jobsite, you should demonstrate imitative and enhance your professional image by dressing more formally for the important business meeting. This projects respect for the employer, which greatly increases your likeability and chances of successfully getting that job or position.

You should ensure that your clothes are clean, pressed and in good repair comfortable and well fitting. Clothing or shoes that are too tight restrict comfortable poised movements that are essential for good interviewing techniques. It is best to visit top-notch clothing stores to get help from experienced salespeople in selecting a coordinated interview outfit. You do not have to buy your outfit in an expensive store; you can usually duplicate it closely in a less expensive shop. Be immaculately groomed from head to toe. In your mind be a model of cleanliness and always use a deodorant:’Never let them see you sweat.’

In terms of using color to your hiring advantage, always remember that color is a most dynamic tool for dressing to best enhance your appearance. Learn which colors best complement your skin, eyes and hair. A good way to do this is to note when you receive compliments on a color that you wear. Traditionally blue and grey are reliable color choices for interview suits, jackets, slacks and skirts. Strengthen your image by using your best colors in your accessories- scarves, ties, shirts, blouses etc. etc.

All in all you are dressing for dress expectations. You are dressing and presenting yourself to successfully get that job or position. Remember to dress for expectations of your new boss or employer. Base your clothing choice and packaging on your new employer and career research. You are dressing and presenting yourself solely to please and get an excellent first impression from the interviewer and possibly your next, new boss.

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