Earning Money As A Childrens Party Planner

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By Low Jeremy

Given today’s fast-paced and busy environment, a lot of parents lack the time to sit down and make preparations for their children’s upcoming parties themselves and opt, instead, to hire professional party planners to do the job for them.

It is for this reason that the children’s party planning business is seeing a boom nowadays. Party planners are particularly crucial for those who want to throw themed events for their kids.

It is, therefore, not a surprise that the party planner business is becoming a profit mine for those kinds of people who enjoy working with little details and running errands.

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A children’s party planner’s duties can include buying all the supplies for the celebration, coming up with invitations and confirming attendees and RSVPs, taking care of the decorations, the venue and the sound system, and coordinating with all the other participants in the party, like the hired entertainers and mascots.

Being a children’s party planner is a tedious job. You will be handling all the details and will need to report every little thing you change or do to the child’s parents from time to time. Sometimes, you will be faced with a client whose favorite activity is to change his or her mind at the last minute, so you have to master working with grace under the most intense of pressures.

To be an effective children’s party planner, you have to have a ready list of contacts. Just finding out where you will get supplies at the last minute may turn out to be expensive, compared to if you already have a set of contacts that you’ve dealt with or are friends with, so that you can obtain discounts and special concessions.

You will also need to have a working phone at all times, because you will be making a lot of calls, even during the party itself. A lot of party planners have last minute problems, particularly with the food and the caterer, so don’t you think that your job is done once the party starts. In fact, your job is done a few hours after the party ends, because it will still be your responsibility to make sure everything that has been paid for was received in good condition.

The party planning business is not for hot tempered and weak hearted. You will need to be at your cheerful best at all times even if deep inside you feel like you want to just lie down and crash. If you’re focusing on the children’s party planning business, you have to extra jolly to get call backs and referrals from clients.

It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. If party planning is right up your alley and you enjoy doing so, then by all means take the plunge.

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