Exterior Commercial Lighting

By Camille Howe

Commercial exterior lighting systems by companies are installed to comprehensively illuminate the entirety of buildings and properties at industrial, manufacturing, and retail facilities. Investing wisely in the right commercial exterior lighting saves power, improves security, increases the attractiveness of your location, and perhaps most importantly, keeps your operation in full compliance with all federal, state, and municipal regulatory codes.

Most companies inventory of commercial exterior lighting fixtures and supplies is designed to provide you with a one-source solution for all commercial lighting needs, and Easy Rack specialists stand ready to help you design your system and coordinate installation upon request.

Security Lights

Installing commercial exterior lights around the perimeter of your property has many benefits. Security lights work as a deterrent to vandalism, burglary, and criminal mischief. A number of insurance carriers may also offer-discounted premiums if you install the right commercial exterior lighting in your security system. HID lights are among the most powerful fixtures of this type, and can be integrated with automated controls and existing alarm systems.

In addition to HID fixtures, companies can also provide floodlights, low-pressure sodium vapor lights; wall mounted fixtures, and motion detectors sensitive to human body movements but not the activities of smaller animals.

A company specialists will help you build an entire security lighting system from the ground up and coordinate the installation and configuration of all equipment as well.

Industrial Light Fixtures

Industrial grade commercial exterior lighting fixtures are designed with two purposes in mind: energy efficiency and high, glare-free visibility. They place illumination only in desired areas without light pollution or glare than can impede safe worker performance.

A companies industrial lights are available in a variety lamp types, including power saving fluorescent and super power saving LED.

It is important to invest in only top commercial grade industrial lights due to the problematic variables of weather and the various extremes in climate found in various US geographies. If budget is a concern, your company specialist will locate top-quality used commercial exterior lights at a fraction of the cost of new equipment.

Fluorescent Light Fixtures

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Commercial exterior lights with fluorescent lamps can be installed throughout and around commercial property to create a cost effective alternative to incandescent lamps. Fluorescents tend to last longer, thus reducing replacement costs, and fluorescent lamps also consume less power and are ideal for companies on a budget who need to leave commercial exterior lighting on throughout the night.

Sports Lights

One of the most rapidly growing product offerings in a companies commercial exterior lighting inventory is sport lighting equipment for small and mid-sized arenas and fields. A company can supplies sports lighting fixtures for football stadiums, baseball diamonds, tennis and volleyball courts, equestrian centers, and track and field facilities.

Call a companies commercial exterior lighting expert if you are interested in sports lighting fixtures of any type, and let us help you configure your facility for maximum player safety and the viewing enjoyment of your fans.

One of the many advantages of working with a specialized company is the freedom they offer our clients in selecting either used or new equipment (or a combination of both). We drop ship throughout the United States and will install any items upon client request.

Commercial Lighting Fixture Applications:

Athletic & Sports Field lighting

Parking Garage Lighting

Commercial Parking Lot Lighting

New & Used Car Dealership Lighting

Mall Parking Lot Lighting

Agriculture Barn & Horse Arena Light Fixtures.

Medical & Hospital Lighting

Food Processing Light Fixtures.

Business Buildings & Office Lighting

Parks & Recreation Lights.

Petroleum Chemical Plant Lighting Fixtures

Pulp, Paper & Sawmill Lights

Retail Lighting Fixtures

Commercial Warehouse Lighting

Grocery Store Lighting

School/University Lighting

Horse Arena Lighting

Rodeo Arena Lights

Car Lot Lighing

Security Lighting

Convention Center Lighting

Roadway & Street Lighting

Architectural Lighting

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