How To Choose A Perfect T Shirt For Your Wardrobe! Everything From Color To Necklines!}

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White grey navy & Black are wardrobe essentials! So next time you are confused buying men’s t shirt online, Buy any of these timeless shades and set the foundations of any successful wardrobe.

White: the quintessential t-shirt. White being a basic color is easy to pair with anything you wear in the bottom. You can rock a beach look to an EDM concert. White works on every skin tone, and there are no side effects to it. Highly recommended. So if you are buying men’s t shirt online make sure to buy that white tee!

Grey: jersey is a mixture of different shades, and the final textured effect is extremely flattering especially if you want your t-shirt to visually enhance your body shape. Grey is a great color and you can pair it with most of the things. The only precaution: if you are someone who naturally sweats a lot, grey will make it significantly more noticeable. You can get a variety of men’s tees online!

Black: although black remains a popular shade for the modern man, it isnt necessarily the best choice for a t-shirt. The color fades quickly and much like black dress shirts, they can appear a little too stark during the daytime. Plus, when its hot outside, do you really want to dress in black? On a positive note, a black t-shirt is a layering essential, perfect for using under a jumper or jacket during the colder months. Since layering is so much into fashion these days grabs one of them while you shop for the men’s tests online!

Navy: is a refined choice that does is great for creating a great tonal look. Combine it with denim and there you go! Navy can make you look dapper day in and day out.

Other Colors: do not hesitate to wear other colors! They might just do wonders.

Neck Type

Both the necklines, crew neck and v neck are classic necklines and are essential for men’s wardrobe. Just follow one rule; always match your collars when layering, so if youre wearing a crew neck jumper, for example, the t-shirt should feature the same shape.

If you want to elongate your neck then go for a v neck as it gives an illusion of an elongated neck. The v necks make them perfect for shorter gents looking to create the illusion of length/height, or larger men who desire a slimming effect. They also provide balance to rounder or wider face types.

On the other hand, if you have a small chest or sloped shoulders, a crew neck will probably suit you best. Crew necks draw the eye out and create the illusion of squarer shoulders, helping you appear broader and better proportioned. In addition, this more substantial neckline provides balance to those men with longer necks or narrow face shapes.

But this isnt all. Youre likely to come across other styles suck as the deep-v, u-neck, boat neck and scoop neck, to name a few! Our suggestion would be that you stick to what has worked for you! So next time for the men’s t shirts online purchase do keep these essentials in mind to make your wardrobe dapper as hell!

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