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Luggage was once generally thought of in terms of large suitcases. Indeed, several decades ago suitcase durability was the primary concern for most airline travelers (a Samsonite luggage television commercial once featured a gorilla wildly throwing around a suitcase within a cage). Such suitcases were pulled – often dragged – through an airport while balanced precariously on small brittle wheels. Today, travelers prefer to purchase luggage that helps to make their journey far more effortless. Customers demand that such luggage be portable, much more mobile, and built with their full traveling experience in mind.

Although seemingly more problematic, travelers carrying scooters desire luggage that is also is convenient and easy to use. However, innovate thinking is required simply to design luggage that can fit a fold-in kick scooter and still resemble conventional wheeled luggage. After all, travelers do not want to be left boarding an airplane holding a large non-retractable handlebar. The solution is a modular luggage package that contains a running board….and yet still fits into an airplane overhead bin.

Kickboard USA creates just such a “suitcase on a scooter” (in conjunction with Samsonite) and calls it micro luggage. Their micro luggage is all the more impressive given that international travel regulations make it impossible to board luggage with an actual scooter. Similar to a scooter (or simply a trolley), Kickboard’s scooter luggage doubles as a carrier bag with a hardshell exterior and easily accessible compartments. Appropriately enough, this scooter luggage is small enough to be permitted as hand luggage (which makes the moniker ‘micro-luggage’ all the more fitting). At less than two feet high and only a foot wide, Kickboard’s micro luggage is also relatively lightweight (11 pounds) and yet retains a large load capacity (i.e. greater than 200 pounds).


And with a height-adjustable handlebar, this scooter luggage should be an easy to steer. A lean-and-steer mechanism (which is quite different from bike steering) provides a convenient solution. Such a system allow allows for steering and control by leaning in one direction or another and yet remain stable (via one back and two front hard-rubber wheels for stability). For travelers finding themselves rushing in a crowded airport or railway station, luggage versatility suddenly becomes an especially valuable feature. Simply put, those that struggle with their luggage throughout their trip will find their excursions exhausting as opposed to fun. Indeed, Kickboard’s well-designed micro luggage will help you arrive at the departure gate far earlier than your fellow passengers.

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