Reduce The Stress Of Moving House

Moving house is considered to be one of the most stressful things that any one person will encounter in their lifetime. However is most of this stress unnecessary? And are there ways to reduce the amount of stress that moving house puts on buyers and sellers? Here are just a few simple places to start for a stress free process.

If you’re selling your house it’s possibly a good idea to look into breaking the chain and after officially selling your house start renting before looking for a place to live. Therefore you can go straight into buying a property and will not have the stress and hassle of waiting for someone to purchase your house whilst you are watching the house of your dreams sold on to somebody who was intelligently chain free.

To have people walking and looking around your home can also be quite stressful so to reduce the panicking make sure you have brilliant communication with your moving agents and be prepared before the viewings.

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This can be things such as making sure the house is tidy, doing all washing prior to the appointment, having family members look after pets or try and keep them outside etc until the viewers have gone which will all result in a happy welcoming atmosphere from you and your home.

When buying your house there are many ways to avoid the stress of chains in the process and a couple are to look for a house that is either no longer owned or newly built. This way you can move straight in and if you have followed the previous advice from above than you are ready and chain free to find your perfect home.

When moving out make sure you are prepared before the big day. Have a huge clear out of unwanted possessions and maybe even hold a garage sale to help make some money back from your items. When packing make sure your belongings are correctly labelled and packaged too to save unnecessary stress when you arrive.

Many people try to arrange their own means of transporting their items through van hire or friends and family but this can lead to a slight case of disorganisation and sometimes it is better to find trustworthy removal companies instead.

With these companies not only are all your possessions in the same place and safe hands, but the chance of items being lost or broken will be greatly reduced due to brilliant reputation that the company will presumably trying to hold.

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