The Benefit Of Using A Web Mapping Service For Your Planning Maps

The Benefit of Using a Web Mapping Service for Your Planning Maps


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Planning maps are an indispensable and often annoying part of applying for planning permission in the UK. You are required to produce two maps of different scales for the local planning authority that you are dealing with. One shows the location of your planned building project and the other shows the area in which that location sits.

A web mapping service is a great way to cut the stress out of generating and using planning maps. Whether you are a hobby builder applying for permission to build a wall in your back garden, or a building company that applies for several sets of maps every week, your work will be simplified and mostly done for you.

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The mapping service works like this. You apply either for a standard or a professional account and use it to enter the location that you need your planning maps for. The web mapping service queries its database and generates a pair of maps scaled to the correct sizes for the local planning authority in question. The maps are sent to you in an email and you can also request hard copy maps to be sent to your home or business address.

The one use or regular mapping service provides a quick and simple way to get hold of the maps you need. If you don t use an online service you will be at the mercy of a traditionally slow and frustrating process which can be derailed if you request the wrong scale maps, or if the person taking your request produces the wrong scales. As all the planning maps generated by a web mapping service are automatically created at the right scale this problem no longer applies to you.

For a professional, or just for someone who has call to generate a lot of planning maps, the web planning service really comes into its own. When you register for a professional account, you ll be able to store all the maps that you have generated online providing an easy way to keep tracks of all your open planning permission applications. Your online store will be password protected so you can control who has access to the information you are requesting.

Your professional web mapping service account also allows you to edit the planning maps that you are generating perfect for providing professional and easy to understand planning applications. Editing enables you to point out the features of the site and location that should have a positive influence on the final decision of your local planning authority.

Whether you are a one-time builder or a full time professional, the chance to have your planning maps generated by a web mapping service is likely to save you a great deal of time and frustration. Enjoy!

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