The Doberman Pinscher: The Social Butterfly

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It is believed that Doberman Pinschers were bred by Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann in Germany somewhere around 1890. He wanted to breed a different type of dog that would be a great combination with strength, ferocity, yet loyal and intelligent. The Doberman Pinscher, also known as simply the Doberman is a common breed of domestic dog and a very common pet because of their loyal companionship and devotion. This breed is known for being not only loyal, but also very alert and smart. For this reason, they have been used throughout history as police dogs, guard dogs and watch dogs. It is thought that this breed is a combination from the bloodlines of the Rottweiler, Black and Tan Terrier, German Shepherd and Pointer. They are inherently also a tracker and guardian.

Doberman Pinschers typically have a very powerful, compact, and medium-sized muscular square muscular body. They generally stand anywhere from twenty-four to twenty-eight inches tall at the shoulder and weigh anywhere between sixty and one hundred pounds. Their coat sheds, but no more than a normal dog. Their coat has very short hair is known for it s glossy sheen and being low-maintenance.

Dobermans can be variations of color, however most people recognize the black color of this breed. However, they can be anywhere from black, reddish and a fawn color, depending on the genes in a specific breed. In American, the rust color Doberman Pinscher are most recognizable with their variations of a reddish rust mixed with the common black.

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Generally known for their gentle nature, this breed is extremely intelligent, loving and loyal. Dobermans generally do not attack unless they sense they have been mistreated or if they sense that their family or any of the property, possessions or territory is in danger. This attack instinct when their family is in danger is because of their loyalty and devotion to their families and owners. This breed is considered to be very socialized and therefore do well as companions and pets and do well with other dogs. They are also very good with young children, but just need to be watched because of their large size.

Since this dog needs much food to maintain their energy, they can have anywhere from one and a half to two and a half cans of a high-quality meaty product or five cups of a complete, dry dog food with minerals and vitamins added. In the winter they can be given cod liver oil and yeast tablets to help their skin and coat stay healthy and shiny.

In addition to be a loyal house pet, the Doberman Pinscher has also been used as a guard dog to protect his domain. Because of his ability to physically challenge human aggressors with his great strength and size and his loyalty and intelligence, most that would try to do harm to a house with a Doberman would think twice before doing harm. It is important to keep in mind that this breed will not be aggressive unless provoked or placed in a situation to protect.

The breed is believed to have been created from several different breeds of dogs that had a combination of the qualities that are encompassed in the Doberman today. Some of the breeds that the Doberman was created from are thought to be the Pinscher, the Beauceron, the Rottweiler, the Thuringian Shepherd Dog, the black Greyhound, the Great Dane, the Weimaraner, the German Shorthaired Pointer, the Manchester Terrier and the German Shepherd Dog.

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