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The Mood of Blue by Katy BeacherBlue is considered the color of the mind. Light blue is associated with inventiveness. Sky or medium blue is relaxing. Dark blue is identified with intelligence and lack of emotion. Blue, along with purple and green, is considered a cool color. While the positive effects of blue are intelligence, logic and calm, the negative effects are unfriendliness and lack of emotion. Strong blues evoke clear thinking and the lighter softer blues are calming and assist with concentration.If your favorite color is blue you are calm and cool. You tend to be level headed and able to find calmness in things that others might see as threatening and distressing.. Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean and is associated with peace and tranquility. Starting with the bathroom we probably want something more awakening and exciting like yellow or red in the fist room we enter after waking in the morning. If the bathroom is predominantly blue add yellow or red towels or curtains to add a little excitement to the atmosphere. The same is true for the kitchen. As you wander bleary-eyed and half awake to the coffee maker you want a color that will help you to wake up. Lots of light and some sunny yellow in your otherwise blue kitchen helps to arouse the senses. While blue seems to be the favorite color of most of us, if it is the predominant color of the breakfast nook it should be warmed up with some accent pieces in red or yellow. According to psychologists our ancestors avoided any food that was blue, purple or black as these were warning signs of poisonous foods. There have been studies done where the subjects lost their appetites when served food dyed blue. Come to think of it, the foods we normally eat are green vegetables and red, orange fruits. We eat white potatoes and brown cereals. Don’t take this as gospel but it has been said that surrounding yourself with blue helps you to lose weight.Then off to work we go possibly to an office which is decorated in blue which is the color of intelligence and clear thinking.. It has been shown that people are more productive in a blue environment.When we return home from a long hard often stressful day at work we want to relax. A Blue living room helps to promote a restful and relaxing atmosphere. The blue , however needs to be broken up with some warm colors such as red, yellow, orange. As mentioned before, too much blue can evoke unfriendliness and lack of emotion. Blue is an excellent color for the bedroom as it is calming; and research has shown it can lower blood pressure, heart rate and even body temperature. Be cautious; as too much dark blue can lead to sadness or depression. It is hard to go wrong when you decorate with blue as it goes well with almost any other color. It can”t be a mistake to bathe our homes in the color of the sky and sea. God surely knew what He was doing.After all is said and done we must remember that cultural differences also have an effect on the moods that various colors can create. Also your past experience with a certain color can have an effect on your response to it.Katy Beacher is a retired registered nurse caring for an ailing spouse. She decided its more fun to run a web site and write articles than it is to sit and knit. She relies on her lifetime experience in home decorating on a budget and study of trends to operate her site. Http://www.endlesscoastaldecor.comArticle Source:

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