Time To Get Sporty With Fashion, Girls

By Sally R Johnson

While sportswear doesn’t seem all that odd on men in a non-sporting context, it’s still relatively unusual on women. It’s a strange thing, really, as both men and women engage in sport as participants and as spectators, so there shouldn’t be any more distancing in this respect. Is it perhaps because women tend to have a few looks to pick from, whereas men tend to find a style they like and stick with it? Or is it simply because sporty clothes just don’t suit the female physique as well as the male one?

The answer could be a blend of both of the above, but it has led to something of a blind spot in the world of style, and there could be a simple way into the fold for sport-conscious women: retro sportswear. You don’t have to go through the mystifying aisles of high street sports megastores to get the look; and the clothes you end up with might be less than flattering anyway. After all, modern sportswear is characterised by a flashy garishness that rarely evokes the subtle needs of a well put together ensemble. You’ll be bombarded by ‘scientific’ claims about the properties of the material. And more often than not, the brand itself is the main design feature. If none of that matters to you, you’ll be lost.

That’s why the best place to assemble your sporty look is a vintage clothing store. They can be found in any city (usually off the beaten track or in the cooler quarters), and there are some excellent online sources of vintage wear, too. You will find sportswear collections that point to a time when the clothing was less important than the talented individuals wearing it, when branding was a peep rather than a blare. But that’s not to say that it is a style-free zone.


Performing in public still comes with a desire to look good, and this has always been the case.

But what if you’re actually planning of doing some sport? Can you trust old sportswear to perform? How will you perform without micromolecular subatomic hydro-replenishing wonder fabrics and other such miracles of modern marketing? For sure, there are some developments that really do have a proven effect on performance, as exemplified by the drag-resistant swimsuits favoured by top swimmers. But for most casual sporting occasions, saving a thousandth of a second here and there will be of no consequence, whereas going for a breathless run round the block in clothes worth a week’s wages is not a good idea. Dressed in your finest retro sportswear, anyone would think you were running for a bus anyway.

Let’s not forget, a massive 20 per cent of all Spice Girls were sporty, rising to an unprecedented 25 per cent on the departure of Geri. This figure speaks for itself. Whether you’re planning on representing your country, trying to lose a few kilos or simply wishing to experiment with a style you’ve never considered before, the retro sportswear look will make you stand out from the crowd.

About the Author: Vintage clothing is a passion Sally has followed throughout her life. Her interests include

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