How To Clean Your Auto Protective Film In Connecticut

byAlma Abell

Cleaning and maintaining an auto protective film in Connecticut is pretty straight forward. For starters, you should find out what material has been applied on your vehicle. The market has numerous Paint Protection Film (PPF) manufacturers. Every maker offers care instructions when you purchase and install your PPFs.

The biggest difference between high quality and poor quality films is the top layer. Stellar quality films have a clear hardened coat on the surface that makes them quite tough. The coating on such films tends to make them last longer, and it is easy to remove a majority of surface scratches. These films also have the capability to maintain their high gloss while on painted surfaces. Many products in the market do not have similar characteristics and instead, only protect your car’s surface without the unique healing properties. If you really care about appearances, then purchase high quality film from Tint Master.

Things you should never do to the PPF

* Use of a pressure washer is a big no. This is because the water under high pressure can easily slip under the protection film. Once this happens, it will never dry and instead it leaves bubbles under the film’s surface.

* Never take your car to a commercial carwash. Although this is more of a choice rather than a rule, risks are involved. However, they most probably use high pressure which has just been covered in point number one above.

* Never use potent tar removers or chemical de-greasers on PPF surface. While such chemicals will get your car clean, chances are that they will cause degradation of the PPF.

* If you have to use brushes, use them sparingly and ensure they are soft.

* Do not let bird droppings and dead bugs remain on your PPF’s surface for long. The acids in such debris can create a permanent stain on the protection film.

* Never wipe off dirt with dry paper products or terry cloth since they can cause damage to the film. If you have to wipe off the surface, use detail spray wax or water to minimize friction.

Cleaning your auto protective film in Connecticut is actually simple. All you need to do is use car wash soap and microfiber wash mitt, and follow the suggestions above.