How To Update Your R Sum

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Developing a r sum is generally a task associated with people who are just entering into the job market, but everyone in the workforce should keep an updated r sum handy in the case of unemployment or if greener pastures come available. Many employees forget or put off updating their r sum s because they have been with the same company for years, but they can still stand to add a few lines here and there. If you think that you re out of the swing of things, here are a few guidelines to make updating your r sum a little easier.

Update the Document Regularly

Many people don t glance at their r sum s until they re preparing to move on to a new job. Instead of letting the document rot somewhere in your computer s hard drive, be sure to dust it off every so often for an update. If you ve recently had a promotion, reflect on the responsibilities of your previous position and include them in your r sum . One of the ways to keep your r sum current is to set aside time for a yearly inspection. Perhaps the best time to do so might be following your annual review because the timing is easy to remember, and any achievements you ve made over the past year should be fresh on your mind.

Take It a Little at a Time


Making drastic changes to your r sum can be quite a pain in the neck, so commit yourself to making small updates, then reviewing them. Not only will this approach seem much less daunting to you, but it will also give you more time to carefully consider your wording. You can also benefit from seeing your r sum repeatedly, which increases the chances of you spotting any job opportunity-killing typos.

Remember the Extras

When you sit down to make your annual r sum changes, perhaps you ll find that you haven t changed positions or received a promotion over the past year. Even if you haven t experienced any dramatic changes in your career, you might still have something to add to your r sum for the past 12 months. Maybe you have attended skill-building workshops or received additional training. Perhaps you have shouldered new job opportunities over the past year. If so, be sure to note these changes in your r sum .

Trim the Fat

If you haven t looked at your r sum for a while, odds are that it includes a job from years back that is completely unrelated to your current career track. If you find such an extraneous position listed, be sure to eliminate it from the document. If you re having trouble deleting that part of your work history from your r sum , remember that it s taking up precious space where you could provide a potential employer with further details about your more recent work responsibilities.

Let Others Give It a Look

Any time you make a change to your r sum , you should have several other people look it over for you to provide you with feedback. In addition to pointing out any typos they see, be sure to ask your reviewers to tell you about any ambiguous or misleading phrases they encounter. If the people giving your r sum a read-through are very familiar with your work history, they might even be able to suggest additional job responsibilities and other points you may have forgotten to mention.

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